CREATE A SELF PORTRAIT (traditional or non-traditional)

Materials: collage, paint, pen, crayon, marker, pastel, paper, textile, photo, video, sculpture, etc.

Process: Create a representation of yourself: past, present or future.

Things to think about: Is this a version of yourself that you are happy with? Are you comfortable with the medium that you are working with or is it new for you? How does it feel to explore creatively with yourself as the subject? Do you feel vulnerable or empowered by this process and how are those feelings shaping your work?



Materials: collage, paint, pen, crayon, marker, pastel, paper, textile, photo, video, sculpture, movement, spoken word, music, etc.

Process: Create a representation of whatever you are most afraid of OR whatever is holding you back from achieving what you want and deserve in your life.

Things to think about: How does it feel to acknowledge this fear or challenge? Does bringing it to life through materials and a creative process de-humanize the obstacle or enhance it? Can you look at your Little Monster and find one thing that you love about him or one way in which you believe that you can help him?



Materials: collage, ink, paint, pen, crayon, marker, pastel, paper, textile, digital, etc.

Process: Chronologically, connect the major events in your life that have shaped you most significantly.  This could take the form of a linear timeline, a fully illustrated map or any other format that helps you organize the events of your past and begin to "connect the dots".

Things to think about: Do the events of your life seem to connect in a way that makes more sense to you now, as you are able to view your past from a slightly different vantage point? What do you think that these events and the relationships that you have developed mean for your future? In what ways have you changed over the years and do you embrace or reject those changes? What does your map ahead look and feel like and is there anything that you could learn or pursue right now to put a new dream into motion?