Heather | April 4, 2015

I’m 21 and will be turning 22 this summer and I have one more year left of college. I’m just feeling kind of scared and lost about a “career path” I guess you could say. I know a lot of people my age don’t have it all together but a lot of my classmates seem to have at least a plan, and well… I’m just confused! Lol I know that it’s important to think about your passions but I struggle with that because I’m passionate about fashion. I know that sounds so cliche but I’ve always been obsessed with it and I love how it can boost a girls self confidence. I’m in school for business marketing because my mom wouldn’t let me go to fashion school. I guess I’m just trying to figure out how to connect my business degree with something I love to do. I don’t want to end up like so many people that just took a job because they needed a job and became complacent with their life.


I think that you are in the same boat as 99% of the planet… which is somehow supposed to be the 'good news!' :) It doesn't feel good to be searching and questioning without a clear answer though… never. I get that. I think that it's smart that you are in business school and that you have a fantastic fashion blog on Tumblr. It's a very well curated space. How is your personal website going? I need to jump back over there and check it out. I am not in the fashion space but I would like to be, eventually. I have a few ideas for you in the mean time… as we figure this thing out :) Anyone [important] or successful who you can intern for this summer to learn more about your industry? Do you want to design a line and if so could you begin with 1-5 pieces which you could sell on your website or on ETSY and other marketplaces? Are you growing your online following or local community following meaning do you have a BRAND and are people aware of it? Are there any opportunities at school to grow a community or do something that would get attention? (volunteering for non-profits or other community events where you could introduce yourself to a group and maybe leverage the work you are doing?) If you want to design for a specific company or work for someone in particular, have you reached out to them or a competitor of theirs to get some experience under your belt and begin climbing the ladder? If 'your own brand' is what your hoping for in the end it really would be excellent to work for other people first so you can make some mistakes and not have it cost you YOUR business. Does any of this sound like a potential next step? Please let me know if it doesn't and we can keep bouncing around ideas! Try to relax and enjoy Easter weekend. I hope the bunny is good to you beautiful! :) xoxox